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1. If zoning approval is required, how many and what size plans do you need for the zoning approval? Do we submit this with the building permit or is there a separate application and process for this?
2. Do you require a building permit for upgrades?
3. How do we file for the building permit (mail, email)?
4. How many and what size plans do you require?
5. How long does the plan review process typically take once a completed application is accepted?
6. How long is the permit valid for?
7. Is there a plan review fee, if so, what is the cost?
8. What is the cost of the building permit?
9. Where do we get building permit application?
10. How can we pay for the fees?
11. How do we get the permit once approved (mail, email or pick up in person)?
12. Does the general contractor need to be registered with the City of Haltom City?