Stop Thief Program

In 2010, the Haltom City Police Department responded to over 532 car burglaries. Vehicle burglaries are crimes of opportunity and if citizens can send a message to thieves that the opportunity is not present, those thieves will likely move on to another target. The program also serves to educate and remind the public to remove valuables from their cars.

The "Stop Thief" program is simple, consisting of a printed placard that is placed on the car's rearview mirror each time it is parked. The placard serves as a notice to potential thieves that there are no valuables in the car; it also serves as a reminder to vehicle owners to remove any valuables, including bags, purses, briefcases, money, laptops, radar detectors, etc. The placards are free and can be obtained at the Haltom City Law Enforcement Center, 5110 Broadway Avenue in Haltom City. The Police Department reminds the public, however, that placards should always be removed whenever the vehicle is in motion.

How to Use the Placard

When a vehicle owner reaches their destination, they will:

  • Place the "Stop Thief" Placard on the rearview mirror of the vehicle.
  • Scan the vehicle for any items of value, or any items that appear to have value.
  • Remove these items from the vehicle.
  • Secure vehicle.
  • When the vehicle owner returns to the vehicle, remove the "Stop Thief" Placard and stow it until the next time the vehicle is parked.