Code Enforcement

Haltom City Code Enforcement operates under the direction of the Department of Planning and Community Development.

Code Enforcement is the inspection, improvement, and rehabilitation of public and private premises by determining the presence of fire or health hazards, nuisance violations, unsafe building conditions, and violations of any fire, health or building regulation, state statute, or city ordinance.


  • If your concern is related to Animal Services, please fill out the Report Animal / Pet Concern Form meant for barking dogs, strays, chickens/ roosters.
  • If your concern is related to Public Works, please fill out the Report Public Works Issue Form meant for street lights, traffic light, water/sewer, and construction/drainage issues.
  • If your concern is related to a car that may be illegally parked on the street, please call the Haltom City Police Department's non-emergency number 817-281-1000.
  • Report a Possible Code Violation by visiting the link below.

Reminders From Code Enforcement

Keeping properties in compliance improves quality of life, increases property values and deters crime.

The Haltom City Code Enforcement Division asks residential and commercial property owners to be mindful of these common code violations:

  1. High Grass / Weeds

High grass/weeds are not to exceed 10 inches (vertical or horizontal) anywhere on the property and must be maintained to the back of the curb. Where there is no curb, grass must be maintained to the edge of the street. This includes areas behind fences, over sidewalks, around utility poles, fire hydrants, flower beds, fence lines and against accessory structures. Properties more than 2 acres in size will be required to maintain the first 50 feet of each property line until the center portion reaches the state fire code limit of 36 inches, at which time it must be mowed. Overhanging tree limbs and vegetation impeding pedestrian or vehicle traffic visibility should be trimmed to 13 feet, 6 inches above streets, and 8 feet above sidewalks. Limbs should be bundled and tied in 3 feet lengths for waste disposal and placed at curb. It is recommended to contact waste services to schedule a large bulk pick up at curb. Ten-day warning notices will be issued prior to city enforcement but habitual offenses will / may receive Notices of Violation filed with the Haltom City Municipal Court. Sec 42.57 and 86.111

  1. Parking On Unapproved Surface
  1. Parking Of Unlicensed Vehicles
  1. Parking Of Recreational Vehicles
  1. Permits
  1. Trash, Rubbish & Debris
  1. Articles In The Street