Development Projects

Vertical Haltom SignIn recent years Haltom City has enjoyed record growth in terms of economic development. Many of these developments have recently been completed while others are in the construction process. There are numerous other developments in the planning mode as well.

The Mayor, City Council Members, staff and citizens appointed to the Economic Development Corporation have utilized a two-prong strategy...bringing an influx of new quality residential single and multi-family developments and new commercial developments. Once completed, these commercial developments will require the fulfillment of thousands of job openings.

Together, these will add to the quality of life for both residents and the area's workforce. This strategy has and will continue to serve as a catalyst...attracting new industry, distribution centers (critical for capitalizing on the future of E-commerce), corporate headquarters and retail options for our city. A significant amount of city/Economic Development Corporation (EDC) owned land was marketed and negotiated to secure these residential and commercial developments.

As this new growth develops and matures, an environment will exist where Haltom City's tax base and sales tax revenue is expanded. These new revenue sources will enable our city to keep up with infrastructure and service delivery costs, while eventually lowering the property tax rates for our valued residents.

Ours and surrounding communities will have more choices for where we choose to work, shop, dine, play and live. Haltom City is becoming a place where businesses prosper and families flourish.

Check out examples of commercial and residential developments that are currently under construction, as well as some of the projects completed in Haltom City in recent years.

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