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The Highway Department has re-opened both the Westbound Frontage Road at Denton Highway and the Haltom Road/Beach Street Exit off of Westbound Loop 820. Presently, it is not known whether this will be a temporary measure or not. If traffic on the Haltom Road/Beach Street Exit Ramp backs up onto Loop 820, the Highway Department will re-close this exit.

CERT Classes Start Sept 18

Classes are Held Twice a Week for Four Weeks

haltom city cert classHaltom City Fire/Rescue will be holding CERT training classes on Mondays and Thursdays from 6:30-9:30 p.m. starting September 18th and running for four consecutive weeks. There is no cost associated with attending the class and all materials will be provided. Haltom City CERT is a group of volunteers ages 18+ that receive basic emergency services training. The goal of the group is to assist Haltom City in all avenues of community service. Our team is a vital component of Haltom City Fire/Rescue.

What is CERT?

CERT is a Disaster Preparedness and Response Training for citizens who want to help their families, neighborhoods and their community in the event of a disaster within our City. This training is free of charge and open to anyone living or working in the City of Haltom City or those who have a vested interest in Haltom City.

Purpose of CERT

The purpose of the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Training is to provide the private citizens, who complete the training, with basic skills that they will need to respond to their community’s immediate needs in the aftermath of an extreme disaster, when emergency services are not immediately available. By working together, CERT can assist in saving lives and protecting property using the basic techniques in this course.


Initial membership for CERT teams will come from the established teams of public safety volunteers, CPA, CFA, and R.A.C.E.S. As CERT teams develop for non-traditional areas, applications will be accepted per procedures of Citizens Police Academy. Background checks will be conducted on each applicant. Admission to the class does not guarantee a position on a CERT team, nor does it obligate a citizen to be a CERT team member. The philosophy is that any citizen receiving CERT training is a much better prepared citizen.


Classes will consist of approximately 25 hours training, but not less than 21 hours. The lesson plan is based upon FEMA Community Emergency Response Team guidelines with additional classes to assist specifically with the police function. To be a certified CERT member, attendees must complete the entire program. Any classes missed must be made up with a future class. Refresher training will be conducted once a year at minimum. All training will be documented and maintained.

Course Objectives

Upon completing this course, the participants should be able to:

  • Describe the types of hazards that are most likely to affect their homes and communities.
  • Describe the functions of CERT and their role in immediate responses
  • Take steps to prepare themselves for a disaster
  • Identify and reduce potential fire hazards in their homes and workplaces.
  • Work as a team to apply basic fire suppression strategies, resources, and safety measures to extinguish a pan fire
  • Apply techniques for opening airways, controlling bleeding, and treating for shock
  • Conduct triage under simulated disaster conditions
  • Perform head-to-toe patient assessments
  • Select and set up a treatment area
  • Employ basic treatments for various wounds, and apply splints to suspected fractures and sprains
  • Identify planning and size-up requirements for potential search and rescue situations
  • Describe the most common techniques for searching a structure
  • Work as a team to apply safe techniques for debris removal and victim extrication
  • Describe ways to protect rescuers during search and rescue operations
  • Describe the post-disaster emotional environment and the steps that rescuers can take to relieve their own stressors and those of disaster survivors
  • Describe CERT organizations and documentation requirements

You may register by downloading and filling out this form or filling out this online form. You will need to sign the release waiver linked in the PDF form, whether you register online or download the PDF form. You can mail the form in or drop it off at the Haltom City Central Fire Station:

Haltom City Fire Department - CERT
5525 Broadway Ave.
Haltom City, TX  76117


If you have questions you can contact HCFD Community Outreach Coordinator Derek Wood by filling out this form or by calling 817-759-8668.


CERT Classes

Central Fire Station | 5525 Broadway Ave.
Starts September 18, 2017

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